About Us

Experienced Civil Construction Service Providers

T & K Construction provides site work services for commercial, industrial, and residential developments. We have been performing clearing, mass earthwork grading, storm drainage, and many other large construction projects since 1998. Other construction firms may offer to grade your site, but we deliver complete construction services, from project conception to final acceptance.


Our Civil Grading Sector

We also manage subcontractors to give the owners or general contractors complete outside (non-building) construction packages. Our team reports directly to the owners when no building is to be erected. We work for private vendors and local and state governments on projects such as streets, roads, and state highway construction projects.

Our Landfill Sector

We also specialize in civil environmental work, specifically landfill construction. This group works from Pennsylvania going south to Florida, and going west to Texas.We take care of city- or county-owned landfills as well as privately-owned ones such as Waste Management and Allied Waste building expansions. Our projects are performed under watch of both state and federal branches of the environmental protection agencies.We perform the earth grading, then proceed with the various parts of construction. Making sure that we follow regulations, we don’t let trash that has touched rainwater get into the ground by placing special layers of clay, HDPE plastic liners, Geosynthetic clay, and geotextiles. This drains the rainwater to the special plumbing system, and then be carried to holding tanks or the local sewer systems.The landfill group is licensed in 12 states. We are one of only a few contractors allowed to perform this specialized work.